Review: Acer Chromebook C7 (C710 and C720)

After I bought the initial HP Chromebook 11, we were at Wal-mart and I saw the Acer Chromebook C7 (aka C710). I bought it and set about to install the stuff I needed (Crouton, as mentioned before) and Family Search Indexing (which requires Java, thus the Ubuntu install) and found that it also has an x86 processor (actually a 64-bit x86 processor). So I could also install DosBox and install games like Doom, Duke Nukem, Crystal Caves, Paganitzu and so on. Overall, I was enjoying the Chromebook.

One day while I was at work, someone dropped the Chromebook and cracked the screen. I could still watch hulu and netflix and the kids could still play games, just with a big blacked-out splotch in a certain area of the screen. Annoying!!!

I did a google search and came across a company called Screen Surgeons with also a youtube video showing exactly how to replace it! For $76 I got a replacement screen and, just like in the video, it was SUPER easy to replace! Later, the kids somehow busted the power cord so it wouldn’t charge. The C710 and C720 power cords are NOT interchangeable, so I found a supplier on Amazon called Jacobs Parts and ordered it, affiliate link here:

The first power cord replacement I got was bad (worked for 2 days) and I contacted Jacob Parts, got an RMA and returned it with no problems. In a few days I had the replacement cord and it has been working with no issues at all! I am very happy with the customer service from Jacobs Parts!

I got the C720 about a month after I got the C710 – same time I got my wife’s Vaio. It has a longer battery life than the C710, the screen is crisper, and it appears to be 1/2 lb lighter.

Just this past week I had a glass of water near the C720 and it got knocked over by one of the kids and immediately I lifted it up, shook the water off, got a towel, dried it off, etc. I then proceeded to watch it power itself off and it hasn’t came back on no matter how hard I have tried! I tried the “hard reset” (hold down power button for 30 seconds) to make sure it is completely powered off. Still won’t power on. I tried the ESC-REFRESH-POWER key combination and still won’t power on. It appears to be completely dead. I took off the screws from the bottom and gave it a look-over and didn’t find anything wrong, nothing smelled burnt. When I plug in the power cord, no lights come on at all either. Sad, sad! I was looking at the C720P which has a touch screen but decided that I don’t really need a touch screen on a device that has a full keyboard, especially when the C720 is $199 and the C720P is $279. Someday I may replace the C720. It had a good, short life and will be missed (sniffle).

Here are the affiliate links on Amazon for the 3 chromebooks mentioned:


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